The meaning of Sena

Sena is essentially a Turkish word, and has also a signification in Arabic. In Turkish, it means "light"; in Arabic, it means "to praise". Who we are emerges from this duality : to pray in light. Praying is the most intimate and meaningful activity, through our designs, we aim to bring a deep beauty and meaning to your prayer accessories. We want our designs to join and accompany your journey for the longest time, that is why we give importance to the use of first quality materials. The spirit and uniqueness of our designs come from the handcrafting techniques in our Atelier in Istanbul, where their story only begins.

Our Vision

At Sena Designs, we believe in making your daily prayer accessories a part of your home decoration, full of care and taste. We offer one of the most unique and beautiful collections of prayer rugs available, designed by ourselves throughout the Islamic World.
Through our luxurious and handcrafted prayer rugs, we aspire to provide enjoyment and inspiration in your prayers. Our collection includes high quality rugs and prayer accessories, great for everyday use, and meaningful gifts for you and your loved ones.

Who We Are

Sena Designs is a family owned global business based in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded by Muge & Mustafa Bilgen in 2003, Sena Designs is the second brand started by the couple.
The couple first launched Creative Home, a home decor brand reflecting a mixture of Orient and Occident cultures, entirely designed by architect Muge Bilgen.

With the aim of making prayer accessories a part of your home decoration, Muge Bilgen starts to design prayer rugs using the variety of exquisite fabrics available in Turkey. And thus, since 2008, begins the story of Sena Designs.

What Customer Say About Us